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Review of our art exhibition "hiVerid mind" | The impressive response of the people.

The collaboration between the emerging artistic communities Insistrum and Knoddo was a great success, which made its maiden appearance to the public of Athens, in the context of the contemporary art exhibition entitled "hiVerid mind".

During the two weeks of the exhibition (24 November - 8 December), more than 400 visitors enjoyed the special works of the artists, as well as participated in the rich programme of talks and workshops, all of which took place in the premises of Booze Cooperativa, in one of the most central locations of Athens.

Twenty works by eleven Greek women artists arrived in the heart of Athens, with some of them even traveling from Cyprus and Sweden, to adorn the exhibition space and honor us with their presence. The works, as the theme of the exhibition dictated, varied in forms, mediums and meanings. Inviting disparate artists to give their own interpretation on hybrid reality and the collective mind, one could say that a curatorial risk was taken for the collective outcome. And yet, the outcome was more than gratifying when it was confirmed that this diversity in styles, visuals and performances is exactly what it means to be part of the collective (hive) mind.

HiVerid Mind - Artworks

From AR, hybrid works, to knitted images on fabbrics, using traditional media, the works of the exhibition hiVerid mind more than fulfilled their purpose, bringing before the eyes of the audience a female visual representation of what it means to live in contemporary reality as part of the collective mind, as a piece - a hexagonal cell - of the hive.

The exhibition space of Booze hosted the main exhibition of artworks, while in the main area of the bar, among the patrons and chess tables, workshops and talks took place, inviting visitors to become one big group and encouraging more and more people to join the events. As for the latter, three workshops were held, referring to emotions and the self in relation to painting, which encouraged the public to let go and express themselves on "paper", as well as a talk on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can directly - and more effectively - produce music. The response from the audience was remarkable, with the pre-booked slots for the workshops being always fully booked and extra people taking part during their process.

In conclusion, we would like to thank all the people who attended as well as our partners and sponsors, who contributed significantly to this first effort by spreading our message on Social Media and platforms.

Pictures fron the hiVerid Opening, by @dimvasspho

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