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8 - 18 March 2024

@ Peru Athens

Deligianni 16, Exarcheia

Mon. - Thu. : 17.00 - 20.00 | Fri.: closed | Sat. - Sun.: 12.00 - 17.00



This exhibition invites viewers on a journey through the myriad stories that celebrate the essence of femininity, told through surreal symbolism and vivid imagery.

The exhibition captures the multifaceted nature of women, presenting a visual feast that explores themes of beauty, resilience and the complexities of existence. The artworks unfold as a visual dialogue, with each piece contributing to a rich mosaic of narratives that are diverse, yet seamlessly connected.

The exhibition functions as a celebration of the female spirit, with the artists delving into different perspectives and approaches. From surreal realms imbued with myth and symbolism to relatable snapshots of everyday life, the exhibition offers a comprehensive exploration of narrative. Every brush stroke and carefully crafted detail invites the audience to connect with the stories embedded in the artworks.

The artists whom the exhibition attempts to highlight, Dimitra Bouritsa and Danae Smoustopoulou, have seemingly different techniques and styles, but with a common axis of vivid colour and female representation. In a celebration of womanhood, the exhibition could not begin any other day than Women's Day.






INSISTRUM | We're on an exciting journey to unlock new avenues of self-expression and redefine the way we experience art. Our purpose is crystal clear: to illuminate the world with the power of art and uplift creative souls from every corner of the globe. We're here to celebrate diversity, nurture inclusivity, and cultivate a safe haven for creative minds.


PERU ATHENS | Isn’t it time to really express ourselves? Let’s be free and talk about the real things.Peru is a mythical place, but exists.Through creative workshops, seminars, painting and drawing sessions, we unleash our creativity and discover more about great artists personalities and lifetime artwork.Especially women’s.


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