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HiVerid Mind | Exploring Hybrid Realities - From 24 Nov. @ Booze Cooperativa in Athens

The art communities, Insistrum and Knoddo, present the art exhibition "HiVerid Mind", from November 24 to December 8, at Booze Cooperativa in Monastiraki.

On the occasion of this collaboration, the exhibition HiVerid Mind attempts to highlight fragments of a hybrid reality through the eyes of female creatives and organizers. Forming a collective of young women, we communicate our own attempt to highlight an unfiltered perspective on the notion of the "everyday" and the "personal". The aforementioned concepts are thus intertwined and from the units, the whole - the collective mind, is born.

A few words about the theme:

In the world of hybrid reality, we seek union. It is that point of intersection where the tangible, conscious world meets the intangible, digital world, and it is at this minimal common meeting point that the collective mind resides. Through fragments of reality, the viewer can now see through the keyhole, but this time the door leads outside the four walls we build around us. Being and existing individually in their personal “honeycomb", the individual tends to ignore the fact that many of these hexagons together form the hive in which their fellow people live and work. This entails embracing a simultaneous sense of loss and discovery, as well as recognizing how the distortions and fragments in our lives and identities contribute to a shared collective awareness.

The aforementioned state adds up to the hive mind (or “the collective mind”). Reality meets distortion through the subjective gaze and by collecting multiple such, the hiVerid mind exhibition aims to help us fully embrace our hybrid nature and understand that having a fixed identity is not a necessity. It is perfectly acceptable to inhabit the space between categories, as long as we remain aware of our state of being.

Ultimately, being aware, present, and accepting of our hybrid forms allows for a profound exploration of ourselves and our connections with others. We can discover beauty and strength in the complexity and diversity of our identities, weaving together a tapestry of experiences and perspectives. By taking ownership of our distortions and fragmented realities, we empower ourselves to embrace the fullness of our HiVerid Minds.

We invite you, from November 24 to December 8, at the Booze Cooperativa art space in Monastiraki, to enjoy together the works of our artists, accompanied by conversation and drinks.

Entry tickets on Eventbrite. Free admission.

For more information about the exhibition, location and opening hours, please visit the official event website.

Participating Artists:

Elena Demopoulou.

Erifili Doukeli

Nefeli Maria Kavvada

Christina Kapetaniou

Fotini Kympouropoulou

Eleni Maitou

Nefeli Stouraiti

Marina Tziara

Erasmia Ismini Tsofidou

Ioulia Florentzi


Curation and Communication: Graphics and Marketing Strategy:

Eleni Doulgeraki | Insistrum Christina Nikolaou | Knoddo

Maria Triantafyllou | Insistrum Nefeli Maria Kavvada | Knoddo

Christina Kapetaniou | Insistrum

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