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Bridging Past and Future: Exploring Time-Space Relationships Through Art

In a captivating conversation with Konstantinos Daldakis, a visionary artist who delves into time-space relationships and draws conceptual references from Heidegger's "Being and Time," we explored the relevance of a project created two decades ago to the present and future. Daldakis expresses his desire to reflect upon this project through the lens of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and create a new perspective that intertwines with the past.

Konstantinos Daldakis, born in 1971, studied painting at the School of Fine Arts, where he also pursued a master's degree in "Digital Art Forms" and participated in photography and scenography workshops. He was awarded a postgraduate scholarship by the State Scholarships Foundation to pursue artistic work and studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands, as part of the "Erasmus" program. His notable achievements include recognition at the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence (5th prize) and by the Melina Merkouri Cultural Center, among others. In 2012, his artwork "51°30'34" N 0°07'06" W" represented Greece in the "London 2012" Olympic Games celebration.

In our article today, we will focus on Daldakis' project titled "New Forms of Life" and explore how the past can sometimes be closer to the future than to its own present. The artist initially conceived this series during his undergraduate studies at the School of Fine Arts in 2001. Now, in 2023, he has decided to present the text describing his creations to ChatGPT and inquire how it envisions these works in the year 3000. Furthermore, he employed another AI tool to generate new images and visual extensions of the same project through a text-based medium.

He mentions: " these hybrid laboratories, establish a connection with the "New Forms of Life" from 2001, and they demonstrate the program's remarkable capacity to reflect and rejuvenate this body of work. The interplay between the past and the future that emerges is intriguing.’’

"New Forms of Life" originated as an idea for an installation—an experimental laboratory aimed at producing innovative life forms. Young creators and artists of the future would collaborate to craft sculptures with a profound sense of hybridity. These sculptures consisted of energetic entities, incorporating energy charges into the artwork. Natural forces such as magnets, energetic charges, and mechanisms converged to create hybrid and interactive works with a heightened sense of plasticity within the space. This project facilitated a remarkable fusion of science and art, establishing a new language and a fresh perception of reality and the spacetime continuum. Stepping into this immersive world feels akin to entering a wonderland, where endless possibilities await exploration.

Daldakis reflects on his artistic vision: "I aimed to create an installation in which certain forces intervene, generating a space within a space. I wanted to showcase the existence of a reality beyond what we see and, through these situations, I endeavored to construct an otherworldly space that invites viewers to unravel a puzzle and embark on a journey of rediscovering our collective unconscious...."

The artistic journey of Konstantinos Daldakis exemplifies his ability to transcend conventional boundaries. Through his exploration of time, space, and the convergence of art and science, he invites us to perceive reality from a fresh perspective—one that blurs the lines between past, present, and future. As spectators, we find ourselves immersed in a realm where everything is new, a realm that challenges us to solve enigmas and embark on a voyage of discovery. Konstantinos Daldakis, like a modern-day Alice, beckons us to step into the realm of "New Forms of Life" and witness the emergence of a new artistic language.

To experience Daldakis' visionary creations and witness the fusion of art, science, and AI-generated extensions of "New Forms of Life," we eagerly await his upcoming exhibitions and installations. Stay tuned for an exploration of the intricate relationship between the tangible and the intangible, the past and the future, and the captivating realms that lie in-between.


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