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Breaking Gender Barriers: Learn About Genderhood, the Greek Organization Promoting Gender Equality

In the context of our first collaborative group exhibition, HiVerid Mind, our team had the opportunity to get in touch with great people and organizations. One of these was also Genderhood, an organization for equality rights, who supported our all-women attempt. But what exactly is Genderhood? Let’s get to know them better!

Genderhood’s mission is to empower communities of all ages to co-create a world of gender equality. With a vision for a free-gender-expression world, Genderhood operates in a parallel of two big Greek cities, Athens and Thessaloniki, promoting gender equality. Simultaneously, the organization's actions are not limited to the borders of these metropolitan centers, since they organize events in other regions in Greece to promote inclusive practices and challenge gender stereotypes among marginalized communities.

The group was founded in Thessaloniki, Greece, and has operated in two sites since 2020. Their main office is situated in the heart of Athens. Genderhood's founders started their journey to equality on their own, shedding light to concerns that usually people were unaware of. At the same time, Genderhood started powerfully by serving on the bench to the Greek reality with bravery, daring, and lack of funding.

A point worth mentioning is also that the organization consists only of women who -before the founding of Genderhood- had all been involved in feminist and communal activism—at home, at school and generally in everyday life.

Up until our journey led us to form an organization that fulfilled every desire we had: promoting social change in environments that actually brought about change. Until today, Genderhood counts 89 workshops and events in 11 cities of Greece, actions that have benefitted more than 3800 people.

Specifically, the organization’s actions consist of plenty of categories, such as: Children & Prevention, Adults & Empowerment, School & Training,Society & Awareness raising, Culture & Gender.

For example, one of their latest projects was the “Syne/NO” program (stemming from the Greek word for consent) for children from elementary up to high school. This particular project introduced experiential educational programmes on consent, self-determination, bodily autonomy, terms that are part of behavioural sex education. Another one of their latest projects was “VOLUMEN Toolkit” for adults, which establishes questions such as “Why is gender mainstreaming in volunteering and collective group activities important?”. This toolkit is a collection of five adaptable sections with unofficial and out-of-the-box education activities for people working or interacting with volunteers and/or people involved in collective group activities.

Would you like to support Genderhood’s great cause? You can either Donate or Become a Volunteer and therefore contribute to the establishment of a world with free gender expression!

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