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A Phygital Tale through Eleni Dimopoulou's work.

In the realm of contemporary art, where the lines between physical and digital realities continue to blur, visual artist Eleni Dimopoulou stands at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. With a keen interest in the convergence of material and digital spaces, Dimopoulou's work delves into the transcendent moments where the human body interacts with these realms. Through her multidisciplinary approach, she investigates the possibilities and limitations of the relationship between man and machine.

Dimopoulou, currently based in Athens, began her artistic journey at the Athens School of Fine Arts, specializing in painting. She later expanded her expertise by pursuing a Master's degree in Digital Arts at the same institution. This combination of traditional and contemporary training forms the foundation of her unique artistic practice.

At the core of Dimopoulou's work is the examination of the interplay between material and digital elements. She starts with simple geometric variables, exploring shapes, volumes, and more. Initially, she draws on both physical and digital surfaces in parallel, using materials collected from the public space, such as papers and waste cardboard. Through a process of redesign, painting, folding, and refurbishment, these individual projects evolve into large-scale installations that encompass mixed materials and techniques, covering every surface of the space. Simultaneously, Dimopoulou's work unfolds in the realm of virtual reality, incorporating an interactive approach to illustration. Here, material creation coexists with the digital body, allowing viewers to experience the artwork from multiple perspectives. Participants can physically enter the installation, bringing their bodies into the physical space. At the same time, they occupy a digital body through virtual reality (VR), navigating and exploring digital spaces. This duality creates participatory conditions for play and interaction, blurring the boundaries between material, virtual, real, and imaginary.

Dimopoulou's artistic prowess has garnered recognition both nationally and internationally. Her installations have been showcased in prestigious exhibitions and festivals, with accolades including an award at the 9th Biennale of Greek Schools of Fine Arts and the Pinewoods Studios at Lift-Off Academy Global Awards for her first-time film. She has also been featured in the international festival XOUTH EMERGING DIFFERENCES 78 ARTISTS // 23 COUNTRIES and presented her work at Platforms 2019, European Centre, Street Photo Festival Berlin, Grigoriadis Gallery, Agia Paraskevi Municipality Center, La Platforma, Circuits & Currents, ANIMART FESTIVAL 2021-Hydra, European Center, IFPA Drama International Performance Forum, ADAF, and Documenta14 in collaboration with the Kunsthochschule Kassel and ZHdK Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. Notably, her participation in Documenta14 was made possible through generous donations from collectors.

Beyond her artistic achievements, Dimopoulou has also made significant contributions to the field of education. Drawing on her expertise in virtual reality, she has designed and implemented innovative workshops for various audiences, including children, adults, teens, and individuals with special needs. By leveraging the immersive qualities of VR, Dimopoulou enhances learning outcomes and fosters engagement and creativity. Her collaborations with esteemed institutions like SKEP - Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth, Vorre Museum, Best Buddies, Special Olympics, Athens Science Festival, and more, exemplify her commitment to using art and technology for educational enrichment.As a mentor teacher, Dimopoulou has guided aspiring artists to success. One of her students secured the second-place position in the prestigious KALLOS.’’The Ultimate Beauty competition at the Museum of Cycladic Art.’’

Following her path, we met her creative director’s skills in APNEA exhibition, a tribute to the captivating island of "underwater heroes and sponge divers," where remarkable stories and discoveries intertwine. Beyond the historical tales, the Apnea exhibition embarks on a daring exploration of the theme of apnea, offering a platform for contemporary artists to innovate and experiment. These visionary artists, through their art, delve into the multifaceted meanings concealed within apnea's essence

This May we will see her work hosted in Athens Digital Arts Festival in Athens ‘’Welcome to the Uncanny’’, the festival will invite us in a world where artificial intelligence thrives alongside humanity.

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