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Taking up Space – an exhibition that gives voice & space to upcoming female artists.


Taking up space as a woman is about having a voice and believing your voice is valid.

And when women start taking up space, it is revolutionary. This International Women’s Day, we take up Praxitelous Bar, giving space and voice to upcoming female artists.


The exhibition will take place on the 7th and 8th of March, 21:00 – 02:00,@ Praxitelous 33, Athens 105 60.

The exhibition aims to challenge how International Women’s Day is viewed and celebrated by actively bringing female creators to the spotlight, rather than just talking about it.

Marianna and Alexia, the exhibition producers, state ‘International Women’s Day has been overly commercialized, becoming a capitalist motive to promote and consume, to give flowers and wish ‘Happy International Women’s Day’, while often forgetting all about its roots in the Women’s Rights Movement as well as the Labour Movement. We are here to remind the world just that – that this day is dedicated to women’s fights for equality - and to provide space to female artists.’



‘At the same time, it is a chance to take art out of museums and galleries and bring it closer to the public sphere, in Athens’ most influential hall.’


The participants originate from various art forms and mediums, such as photography, film direction, graphic design, visual arts & painting, and textile design, allowing visitors to experience a variety of different artworks and approaches.


During the exhibition visitors can enjoy special cocktails, created exclusively for this event, while they can find DJs Fotini Galani and Doofie on decks.



Participating artists:

Production / Curation:  

Alexia Babaliki & Marianna Thomadaki

About the space:


Praxitelous Hall was designed by Odisseas Pouskoulous and was built in 1936-37. Today, former tenants still find their shelter there, while new ones are creating in the heart of Athens.

Apart from the pluralism of interesting stories, corners, and people it offers, Praxitelous Hall is also an architectural gem, with a beautiful dome.







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