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PsychxnauT : the Artist within his Artworks

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Trying to approach the “who”, the individual lying behind an Artwork might be challenging. The physical presence of an Artist living in our space and time is something more than you need. When you need to understand someone is just asking him questions enough? Is only the physical presence of an Artist enough to make us understand or inspire us where does the mystical experience in regards to the impact of an Artwork lies really in the artists creation or in our mind’s interpretation? These thoughts are the ones that really made me think of how to approach the Nft Artist that I choose to write about and little was known to me. Finding oneself in the middle of Artworks might be scary sometimes. Τhat anguished challenge in an effort to grasp a metaphysical-spiritual experience and putting it in words that would make sense is enigmatic.

The main question about PsychxnauT ( Thon Sokhawin) was all along how do I transfer these feelings into paper. In this Article I will try to reach the Artworks themselves rather than write a committed biographical report of the Artist itself. Most people would talk about NFT ‘s Artists the whys and how’s but what about the Artworks and their impact. At first PsychxnauT’s NFTs emerge from a psychedelic and Sci – Fi universe. Their bright and illuminating colors, the way the forms play and position themselves around, the backgrounds, the themes used to create or recreate what is inside the artists mind and experiences align themselves in order to complete these images. The Artworks, unique in their creation, they give you the impression that are new, feels like we have seen them before. By that I imply the pre- existing inner truth and feelings we all carry within. I would say that P. masterly combines different worlds in the majority of these artworks. Imaginary worlds that collide with reality but at the same time exist in an endless form of recreational peace, in between them.

Then more questions – the eye of the beholder. Questions driven by existential pre- locations of human nature such as the nature of light and dark, which side we choose and whether dark is more of another way of being rather than a harmful state. In my eyes his Artworks bring the physical side of human that we experience in every day life with that of a higher spiritual being. We can see NFT’s that tend to express the Anger the agony of an every day survivor but then we also see another spiritual force that is opening portals of communication with diverse recipients.

In the series of his Aliens a second glance will give the notion that these Aliens are not neseceraly from outer space. Maybe these forms began as such but became procession of the creator’s inner self and thus they are expressed in his NFT’s. My beloved NFT where a monk and an astronaut share a space out of reach embodies that question of if we are alone in this universe. Two potential interpretations might arise the first one conducts the view of a person in its two potential versions the physical explorer(astronaut) and the higher alter ego him in knowledge (monk). The second might refer to human who seeks the truth that he/she finally found. Both experiencing their existence in a peaceful dimension.

In my point of view his NFT’s mainly express that inner truth and the potential of a human being who completes day to day activities and struggles with it to reach the his spiritual capabilities. All the above would not have happened if the NFT world would not have given the freedom of expression to these artists, letting them for the very first time to be heard represented by their own voice in the artworld.

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