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Meet the Artist | The work of Fotini Kympouropoulou

Being part of the "hiVerid mind" exhibition, we could not let go of the urge to interview the upcoming artist, Fotini Kimpouropoulou. Diving into Fotini's work one will be confronting vibrant colors, abstract forms and vital messages. She is in a constant movement and expirementation as regards to the style of her paintings, but the context remains the same: the world within.

We talked with her about physicality, the meaning behind her works and how the first impacts the latter. Keep reading and join us in a trip within ourselves.

1. If I asked you to give me 5 key words for your works, what would they be?

Honesty, Sensitivity, Flow, Emotion, Exploration.

2. What is the driving force behind your works?

The driving force behind my work is something alive, a feeling or many. Thoughts, fears, passion. It has its own pulse and will. It resides under my skin, and accumulates near my heart. I've always felt it, that tingling sensation that pushed me, wanting to come out. And frankly, it's not easily pleased. Nor is it tamed.

There have been times when I've put her to sleep, buried her away, only to finally realize how integral a part of my being she is.

It is contained by my sensitivity, afraid to be seen otherwise, yet unexpectedly coloring all my works. My work is personal and honest. It is honesty and its power to bind us together, it is glances, touches, suspicions. It is what we call human. The not so perfect or pretend. When I create I forget everything around me. I put on my headphones and get lost. It's my happy place, it's my anchor, or security. An ideal place through the creative act that whispers to me that all will be well.

3. Did you decide to work with physicality and movement because of a specific event or did the flow of life simply lead you to them?

It's always been hard for me to feel grounded. To feel like I had substance and a body. I live too much in my imagination. I'm constantly thinking, I'm distracted... Exploring the body and the physicality has been a starting point for me to get to know my own body and physicality better and what it can mean.

4. For you, as Fotini, what is physicality and how do you experience your body?

For me, physicality is the awareness of the here and now, the awareness of the moment through the body, which is not just a container that holds us. It is part of our individuality. Without it we could not exist, nor could it exist without us. What I'm getting at is that we are one. The body is realization and experience.

5. What would be the soundrack of your life?

That's a tough question. As much as what my favorite book is or whether I could live without coffee. I'll answer without thinking too much about it, or I'll never come up with one. I'd say the soundtrack of my life is "Daylight" by David Kushner, which I can't stop listening to lately, or Janis Joplin's "Summertime". I can't come to a conclusion after all...

6. What are your visions and plans for the near future?

My aspirations for the near future are to continue to explore and be inspired. To start being more active in the art world. To paint every day. And to move to London or Paris. Oh, and open a gallery-cafe-bookstore.

Lucid and poetic, Fotini's work talks for her and promises that you will easily relate. Find more of her art on Instagram

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