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Meet the Artist | Eleni Maitou

Eleni is an artist born and raised in Athens, with roots originating from Naxos, a place she loves and feels like home. She has studied to be an Art Conservator. Her love for photography from comes from her father, who was an amateur photographer. In recent years she has dedicated herself to the artistic nude photography as she always discovers beautiful worlds through the possibilities that a body can offer. She pursues sensuality that makes its exploding presence through lines and shapes and she gets excited when the light transforms the forms. As part of the HiVerid Mind Exhibition, we had the opportunity to meet Eleni and conduct this insightful interview. Continue reading to reveal the secrets of her art..!

What is the significance of the human body in your work?

The human body can manifest numerous possibilities of freedom through its dynamics. My main concern is for my images to convey the sensation as I perceive it in that moment. I aim to transfer the given moment to the viewer through my perspective. I am interested in highlighting both the value of the models' personalities and the sensuality they exude, or even simply the forms they create.

What does a naked body represent for you and/or your art?

When I photograph, I feel an internal liberation that gives life. I hope to capture this through artistic nudity. I see our bodies as a means of expression, liberation, and revelation.

Do you prefer capturing the male or the female nature? Why?

I find photographic interest in all genders, regardless of age or body type. I focus on the human being. Photography is a representation of the perceived reality, but the question is what the artist sees and feels, and what they decide for us to see and feel. As the light hits, the body transforms into something special, giving it a distinct substance that makes it unique at that exact moment.

What is a story/fairytale/allegory that has captured your interest?

My recent work has emerged from experiments in the studio. I have dedicated myself to capturing a series of body complexes. I am intrigued by the geometries that arise and their dynamics. I look forward to working on this and achieving the desired result that will take the viewer on a storytelling journey through movement and emotions.

Where do you find your inspiration?

The beginning of an idea or emotion can come from various stimuli such as music, cinema, etc. Most of the time, however, I act spontaneously and focus on the feeling conveyed by the model's personality and the atmosphere of the space. I also believe that my involvement in sculpture and my love for the arts in general have influenced my perspective.

Which is your favorite work so far?

A favorite photographic project that I would love to expand is night outdoor shots in nature with the goal of storytelling. Also, my work with more minimalist forms in an ambiguous space, I believe, has resulted in a pleasant obsession.

What lies ahead for you and your art?

My desire is to continue experimenting without limitations. So far, I am enjoying this journey through which, with small but steady steps, I discover myself photographically. I hope it continues, and I discover even more beautiful worlds.


All artworks and photographs copywrites belong to Eleni Maitou.

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