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Meet the Artist | Christina Kapetaniou

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Christina Kapetaniou is a painter who incorporates the complexity and dynamics of modern life into her works. Born in 1996 in Thessaloniki, Christina uses painting as a means to explore and depict the dimensions of human existence and consciousness. In her art, she combines traditional painting with digital media, creating works that highlight the continuous interaction between the physical and digital worlds.

In her artistry, Kapetaniou employs traditional canvases as well as innovative technologies, showcasing the fragmented reality of a world where technology is heavily present in human existence. As a painter, she aims to capture human experiences and emotional nuances. She approaches interactive installations as living spaces where participants become an active part of the creative process. Her works emit contemplation on the fluidity of existence and continuous becoming. They serve as stimuli for discovery and reflection, inviting the viewer to explore the multifaceted dimensions of identity and existence.

Christina, can you tell us about your journey as an artist and what drives your creative process?

My journey began in Thessaloniki in 1996. I've always been fascinated by the intersection of technology and art. My drive is to explore and express the complex layers of human existence and consciousness. I see art as a dynamic space where emotions and experiences converge, and I use both traditional canvas and digital technology to create interactive installations. These installations are not just art pieces; they are living spaces that invite active participation and reflection.

What motivated you to become involved with Insistrum, and how do you see your role there?

My involvement with Insistrum stemmed from a desire to connect creators and bring their work to the forefront. As an artistic advisor, I aim to help shape the narrative and presentation of exhibitions, ensuring that they are engaging and meaningful. At Insistrum, I find joy in discovering new talents and aiding in their journey to artistic recognition.

How do you blend your role as an artist with your responsibilities as an Artistic Advisor at Insistrum?

Blending these roles is quite natural for me. As an artist, I am constantly exploring and experimenting, which helps me bring fresh perspectives to my advisory role. My art practice, which often involves collaborative and interactive elements, aligns well with Insistrum's ethos of nurturing and showcasing emerging talent.

Can you share insights into your unique art practice, especially your approach to digital and physical art forms?

My art practice is about bridging the gap between the digital and physical realms. I experiment with AI facial recognition to explore digital identity and how biased data impact on personal expression. My artworks are a dialogue between the viewer and the art, encouraging a deeper connection and understanding of our fragmented reality where technology plays a significant role. My art process consists of several layers of concentration on internal and external stimulus and their interplay. I paint mostly with oil colour in a translucent layering process with more intense brushwork as well.

Finally, what's next for you? Any exciting projects or collaborations on the horizon?

I'm always on the lookout for new challenges and collaborations that push the boundaries of art and technology. Currently, I'm working on a series of installations that delve deeper into the human psyche and its relationship with technology. Moreover I am painting a series of artworks about the abused feminine energy into humans and how this blocks their water environments from connecting. I am also excited about upcoming exhibitions and projects with Insistrum, where we'll continue to explore innovative ways to present art and engage audiences.


All artworks and photographs copywrites belong to Christina Kapetaniou & dimvasspho.

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