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Ioulia Florentzi: Weaving Threads of Tradition and Feminist Expression

Updated: May 1

In the realm of artistic expression, Ioulia embarks on a journey that delves deep into the multifaceted essence of femininity. As an artist, she finds herself drawn to the intricacies and complexities of women's lives in the contemporary Western world. Through her work, she seeks to unravel the significance of womanhood and female identity, drawing insightful comparisons between the past century and the present era.

Ioulia's art presents a delightful paradox, skillfully merging tradition and the progressive realities of contemporary life. Upon initial contact, her creations evoke memories of embroidery, transporting us back to a generation of women for whom this craft was an integral part of their existence – a vital artistic and cultural expression of their being. However, as we delve deeper into her pieces, a contemporary perspective emerges.

This young female artist ingeniously appropriates the traditional medium of embroidery, infusing it with elements of pop art that gleam brightly with satirical and thought-provoking commentary. Her artworks become a striking response to the notion of womanhood, encapsulating the feminist essence of today's ever-evolving world, as she brings to the forefront the legacy of women who once crafted intricate embroideries, reviving their contributions in a contemporary context.

At the heart of Ioulia's creative process lie autobiographical elements that infuse each artwork with personal meaning. They become a unique way of her experiences and state of mind during their conception, creating a profound connection between her art and her inner world.

In the ever-evolving landscape of art, Ioulia's work stands as a testament to the enduring power of creativity, the exploration of womanhood, and the celebration of female empowerment. Her artworks encourage us to reflect on the past while embracing the possibilities of the future, weaving threads of tradition and progress into a captivating tapestry of modern art.

Our interview with Ioulia:

What was the catalyst that ignited your artistic journey?

I never recall a singular moment where I proclaimed, "I shall now become an artist!" Instead, it has always been an innate understanding within me, a natural progression as if woven into the very fabric of my being. Hence, with an unwavering certainty, I embarked on my artistic journey, commencing my studies in Art in Thessaloniki.

Could you share some insight into the themes you explore?

The inspiration behind my artistic themes emerged from the very medium I used. Being in a painting workshop during my early years, I felt the urge to experiment. It was then that I began delving into the art of embroidery, sensing an intriguing essence within it. The process of embroidery captivated me; a medium historically cherished and practiced predominantly by women as a hobby, a craft that became an integral part of their lives. Over time, this craft evolved into what we have today.

Through my work, we witness embroidery and textiles taking on new dimensions. My exploration of this medium's technique led me to delve deeper into these themes that are the core of my practice, today.

From what sources do you draw your inspiration, shaping your creative journey?

My personal experience and approach are profoundly autobiographical. Starting from my own lived experiences, I incorporate behaviors and observations, noticing how they resonate with many people, especially women. It is essentially an autobiographical work, grounded in my own footsteps and encounters, reflecting my identity as a woman. This has guided me towards pathways that embrace ideas and values of feminism.

Could you enlighten us about your aspirations and plans for the future?

My upcoming journey to pursue my postgraduate studies in Sweden, fills me with excitement and anticipation. It promises to be a transformative experience, providing me with the knowledge and inspiration I crave, while also connecting me with fellow artists and the vibrant international art community. As I continue to build upon my artistic foundation, I aspire to venture into uncharted territories, infusing my creations with captivating textures, innovative materials, and grander scales that will breathe new life into my work.

What are your perspectives on the current status and impact of "Women in Arts" in the contemporary art world?

I frequently encounter the phrase, particularly from individuals abroad, that " finally our time has come’’. While I acknowledge the prevailing atmosphere of our era, the truth remains that gender equality in the art world has not yet been achieved. Artists of different genders are not treated on equal footing, and this bias is particularly pronounced in Greece.


Artworks and photograph's copywrites of this article belong to Ioulia Florentzi:

Tired of Everything - Mixed Media, 2022

Proika- Mixed Media, Degree Show, 2022

Insomnia is my Best Friend- Mixed Media, 2022

Anatomical - Mixed Media, 2022

View - Mixed Media, Degree Show, 2022

Regretting Life Choices- Mixed Media, 2022

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