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Introducing Knoddo

In a time when many creatives were feeling isolated and struggling to find connections and opportunities outside of their immediate geographical area, Knoddo emerged as a social media platform designed specifically for creators of all kinds. The founders behind all this are Christine Nikolaou and Nefeli Kavvada two individuals from the artistic community who are committed to drive a positive change in the industry. Launched in 2020, Knoddo aims to establish a supportive and inspiring community. Knoddo offers a space to share your work, get inspired, and build meaningful relationships within the creative community. I had the opportunity to meet Christine and discuss about the creative industry, Knoddo and it’s vision.

Can you tell us about your background and how Knoddo came to be?

Although I work in the business industry, my background is in the arts, as I did my master in architecture. Therefore, my circle consists of people from the artistic community. During the COVID period, there was a general sense of insecurity, especially in the artistic community, as it was very difficult to find work. So, my need was to help my friends improve their lives by creating professional opportunities. As I mentioned, my background is in the arts, and I wanted to study Fine Arts, but due to the mentality in Greece regarding creative professions, I studied architecture instead. Through Knoddo, the goal is to create a way for parents to be equally happy when their child wants to pursue an artistic career. The way to achieve this is by providing proper access to job opportunities in an organized way similar to other professions.

How does Knoddo aim to support and empower artists, and what makes it unique compared to other platforms?

There are various social media platforms available in the market, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, among others. However, what sets Knoddo apart is that it is a social media application that integrates opportunities into our ecosystem. Therefore, we are not just another agency or platform for freelancers. Our primary goal is to create networks. Furthermore, our unique value proposition lies in our approach to content. Most platforms accept specific types of content. For example, LinkedIn is primarily text-basedand may not be conducive to presenting portfolios effectively. On the other hand, our platform aims to empower creators to upload tailored-made content that meets their needs, allowing them to showcase their work effectively. Knoddo is a social media platform that caters to the creative community. We believe that our unique combination of creative and entrepreneurial backgrounds positions us well to meet the needs of this community. Our platform provides networking opportunities, feedback, job opportunities, and inspiration. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the creative community by fostering a sense of belonging and providing opportunities for individuals to pursue their creative passions as a serious career path with promising prospects. Unlike other platforms that may limit the type of content that can be shared, we aim to provide creators with the ability to upload tailored content that meets their unique needs.

Would you like to discuss any plans for future features or updates to the Knoddo platform?

Currently, we have a prototype in place. Our objective is to launch an MVP with a sturdy foundation and gradually incorporate additional features. Initially, we plan to commence with a portfolio-based profile, followed by the inclusion of events, and further advancements to the platform.

According to you, what are some of the biggest challenges that artists face in today's industry?

The first and fundamental aspect is support, which I have experienced myself. I am aware that there are many individuals who decide to make a career shift, but anything creative is considered a hobby rather than a profession. Therefore, it is essential to have strength within oneself and a supportive environment. The second aspect is networking. In fact, from our own research involving 116 individuals across 16 different countries, it emerged that 96% consider networking to be essential.

Are there any partnerships or collaborations that Knoddo has formed with other companies or organizations?

Initially, we engage in partnerships with creators who seek to communicate with us, provide us with their feedback, and promote their artwork. We also strive to support artistic events wherever possible. Collaborations with organizations are integral to our strategic plans.

Can you tell us about your plans to grow in the future and the impact you wish to make through Knoddo?

The great success will be when children who aspire to pursue creative professions experience acceptance and positive reception of their decision from their parents and surroundings. We are still far from this mindset shift, but with small steps, we can achieve it in the future. The support of the creative community, which can be developed through word of mouth, is crucial. As Knoddo, we already have a circle of artists, and I don't believe it's difficult for things to evolve and gradually change.

Is there any piece of advice advice you would like to give to aspiring artists, who are looking to build their careers and gain exposure in the industry?

As a piece of advice for all you talented artists out there, never underestimate the worth of your work! I've seen this happen all too often, and it breaks my heart. Don't just value your materials and time, but also recognize the entire creative process that took years to develop. I urge you to be bold, hold your art in high esteem, and let your audience decide whether or not they want to purchase your work. Trust me, your art is valuable and deserves to be recognized for its true worth.

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